Fragrance Rollers

Fragrance Rollers


Smell amazing with these roll-on perfumes! This compact bottle is perfect for your purse, car, desk drawer, gym locker, or vanity. 

  • Amber - Earthy, woody, sweet, oriental & vanilla base
  • Bliss - Fruity, fresh, floral, passion fruit & sophisticated
  • Contemporary - Sharp, spicy, mild, breeze, woods & marine
  • Joyful - light, citrus, fresh, fruity, girly, clean & feminine
  • Patchouli - Warm, earthy & fruit-like tones
  • Radiance - Floral, pretty, light, bright & sensual
  • Sandalwood Amber - rich, sweet, woody, exotic, deep, complex & soft
  • Sunshine - Sun, green fields, summer, light, floral, daisy, enchanting, spring & whimsical

How to Use:
Shake gently and apply to pulse points. Start with less and apply more if needed.

10 ml

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