Acne Prone Bundle

Acne Prone Bundle

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Acne is just the worst. But what’s even worse is when you rely on strong products made with a bunch of chemicals you haven’t even heard of, leaving your skin even more inflamed and red than it was in the first place. Ditch the harsh chemicals, naturally treat your skin and nourish it back to health. You're going to love the amazing, affordable transformation in your skin -- this is one of our best-selling bundles!

Included in the set: one microfiber face washcloth gently exfoliate and cleanse skin,  Honey Face Mask, Toner (roller or spray -- your choice!), Acne Spot Treatment and Facial Serum.

For best results, use products in this order: Honey Face Mask (1-2 times per week), Toner, Acne Spot Treatment, then Facial Serum.

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