Sami West

Hey there, my name is Sami West. I am Melnaturel’s Creative Content Development Specialist Intern, so chances are if you read an article or email newsletter from us, it’s written by me. It’s nice to meet you, officially.

I’m a senior at UW-Eau Claire double majoring in journalism and English. As such it’s rare to catch me without a coat of lipstick and a cup of coffee in my hand, while typing furiously to meet  some sort of deadline. (I’m a journalist at heart, what can I say?)

Although I was raised in the little Twin Cities suburb of Centerville, Minnesota, I like to claim dual Minnesotan and Wisconsinite identity due to my undying love for the Green Bay Packers, cheese and beer -- and, technically, I was born in Hudson, Wisconsin. So.

After my graduation in May, I will be interning at the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel for three months, and I’m thrilled to work at such a large impactful newspaper in Wisconsin. After that, who knows! I hope to be a reporter at another metropolitan newspaper.

It’s a true honor to work for Mel as she continues to launch a business that I completely believe in. Mel is passionate about creating a product that promotes self love and can allow women to feel beautiful in their skin with all-natural products that WORK.

When I began using her products, it was comforting to know that all the ingredients used were truly good for me, made with love by Mel herself. My favorite products are the facial serum, as well as the honey mask, which is made with honey from right here in the Chippewa Valley. A locally sourced and all-natural product that makes me feel like I’m glowing? Yes, please!

Not only is Mel passionate about her products, she is committed to making this business a learning experience for her interns. She is a true mentor, committed to helping us all in whatever we’re pursuing, and I will forever be grateful for her professional guidance, overall life advice, as well as her fun personality and hilarious sense of humor.

Mel is a true inspiration to me, and to women everywhere.