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Meet mel

Mel (short for Melissa) has an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for marketing. As a young child, Mel was fascinated by the makeup and products her mom used and she couldn’t wait for her to look away so she could sneak into her bathroom and play. She became a product junkie at heart, as she found herself jumping from product to product, trying to find the right combination to make her look and feel great.

Mel struggled with acne throughout middle and high school, and into her 20s. Mel’s skin was left scarred and damaged into adulthood and she was still without any solutions.

She tried topical treatments, oral medications, Proactiv, zit zappers and countless other products that all held promises that they would work. But none did. It wasn’t until she was 21 years old that she finally realized what had been causing her acne – Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). The root cause had been a hormonal imbalance that entire time. Tired of “the endless fight,” she realized she needed to try something different.

A problem solver and a DIY-junkie, Mel researched natural options she could make at home and began experimenting -- and Melnaturel was born!

So why did Mel create Melnaturel? She wanted to grow her eyelashes without eyelid discoloration (like every other product she tried). She was trying to cure hormonal acne and scarring due to PCOS. She struggled to find truly natural products to help regulate hormonal imbalance due to PCOS. Many of the harsh chemicals used in commercial products offset her hormones. Lastly, but equally important - Mel worries about wrinkles and fine lines so she started preventing them early with natural products.

Using natural products and serums has changed Mel’s life. Her skin is so healthy and she feels confident leaving the house with little to no make-up. She feels beautiful without having to conceal her true skin. Mel wants to share Melnaturel products with others because she truly believes in them and they WORK!

Mel was born and raised in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and proudly makes all her products from her home, with the support of her adorable pooch Buddy, her fiance Geoff and many other friends and family by her side. By day, she works as the Vice President of Marketing & Business Development at Royal Credit Union. Although most of Mel’s spare time is spent building her business and mentoring her interns, she also enjoys refurbishing old furniture, perfecting her latest DIY projects and spending time with friends and family.