Mason Flesberg

Meet Mason Flesberg, Melnaturel’s former business development intern.

The Eau Claire native graduated from UW-Eau Claire with a double major in business administration and French in December 2017. A self-proclaimed “total nerd,” it’s likely to find Mason playing video games, building computers or 3D printers or watching Game of Thrones.

During his time at Melnaturel, Mason assisted Mel with a variety of tasks related to launching the business, including critiquing and reworking Melnaturel’s business plan, create contact lists, establishing a website for products, adding the products to the Amazon Marketplace and more.

Although Mason isn’t entirely sure of what his future plans are, he sees the experience as one that will be invaluable regardless.

“My experience with Melnaturel was incredibly valuable to my future; I’ve gotten to experience the rapid and ever-changing culture of a start-up in a field I would not normally pursue,” Mason said. “I accomplished an extremely wide variety of projects during my short time with Melnaturel that I feel can be applied across all industries. I think this will show value for me in the future no matter what position I find myself in.”

Mason’s favorite products from Melnaturel are the Bug Spray and Bug Off Roller.

“I love this stuff because it doesn’t smell like deet and horrible chemical additives like most big-name sprays,” Mason said. “Mosquitoes love me in the summer and the roller is perfect to use on my neck and arms.”

His time at Melnaturel wouldn’t have been what they were without Mel’s flexibility and understanding, Mason said.

“When I felt like I was lagging behind or moving slow on a project, I would bring up my concerns with Mel and she would work with me to find a solution and flex the schedule,” he said. “Anytime there was a problem or a snag Mel would be there to help push past it and I couldn't have appreciated it more. I also loved that Mel was able to gauge my interests and strengths enough to assign me tasks that I loved doing. Although challenging, I never received a project that didn't interest me or seem impossible.”