Erik Sylte

Meet Erik Sylte, Melnaturel’s accounting and product analysis intern.

Sylte, a native of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, is currently a junior accounting major at UW-Eau Claire, with minors in economics and information systems. In Erik’s spare time, you’ll likely catch him outside either hunting or fishing. If he happens to be inside, he’s likely planning his next outdoor adventure, or perhaps hanging out with friends and family.

After his graduation in spring 2019, Erik hopes to work at an accounting firm and eventually earn his CPA license. His opportunity to be part of the Melnaturel team allowed him to grow the skills he will need for his future.

While working with Melnaturel, Erik set up the startup’s accounting records and handled the day-to-day accounting needs. He also created a detailed inventory database and analyzed product costs in terms of financial ratios.

“It was very hectic at the beginning, trying to start up the accounting records using QuickBooks Online, a system I had not used before,” Erik said. “Mel was always busy doing something with the business, creating sales or buying items, which creates a very busy accounting intern. The internship was extremely valuable as it allowed me to learn a system which is not taught at UWEC, and is very useful for me in the accounting profession. The internship also allowed me to use what I learned in the classroom in real life.”

Because he loves the outdoors so much, whether he’s hiking or fishing, Erik says his favorite product from Melnaturel is the all-natural Bug Spray.

What stands out to Erik most about the internship are all the useful skills he learned, and the mentorship Mel gave him.

“What I enjoyed about working with Mel is she is very energetic and passionate about what she’s doing,” he said. "She has a very busy life and juggles it around very well. For being so busy, Mel was always available for questions, which makes an intern’s job that much easier.”