Claire Bicknell

Meet Claire Bicknell, a social media and content writer intern at Melnaturel.

This curly-haired cutie is a sophomore at UW-Eau Claire, majoring in integrated strategic communication with an advertising emphasis and a minor in marketing. She is a native of Baraboo, Wisconsin. She loves dancing, her three dogs at home, chicken and watching “The Office.”

In the future, Claire hopes to work in a company’s marketing department, specifically with social media and how it relates to advertising.

“I’ve always been a creative person and I’ve been intrigued with marketing because of the creative freedom it gives you,” Claire said. “And, I like the idea of promoting what I believe in and what I stand for.”

To Claire, Melnaturel has been the perfect starting point for her dream job. Her duties include writing, planning and scheduling Melnaturel’s social media. Though she just became part of the Melnaturel team and is still learning, Claire said she already feels she’s learned tons from being part of a thriving startup company.

“The experience means to me that we’re part of something bigger. We’re each a small part and our contributions go to the group as a whole,” Claire said. “This internship is giving me the skills of thinking differently, thinking outside the box. It’s giving me skills of responsibility. It’s teaching me to pay attention to detail. It’s giving me the skills that I hopefully will use in my career everyday.”

And, of course, Claire said that experience wouldn’t be what it’s been without Mel at the helm of it all.

“She’s very outgoing and I love that she’s able to be both my boss and my friend,” Claire said. “And I love how determined she is and the motivation that she brings to the table.”