Love You Today


As you’ve probably been relentlessly reminded within the last couple of weeks, Valentine’s Day is today.

But unlike all those other advertisements reminding you again and again of the gifts you should be picking out or expecting from your significant other, we want to remind you to celebrate someone you likely forget to love sometimes -- yourself.

What if we told you this day of love doesn’t have to be about someone else? Make it about you or make it about your gal pal sisters with the help of our all-natural products that will leave your skin feeling more refreshed and rejuvenated than ever.

(Or, significant others, listen up! Gift your lady products that will make her feel great, inside and out. What could be a better gift?)

Treat yourself with a long soak in the tub, made extra special this Valentine’s Day with some extra color, fizz and hydration by dropping in one of our all-natural Bath Bombs. You’ll emerge from the bath feeling refreshed and gorgeous.

Invite the girls over for a night of pampering with our Honey Face Scrub or Honey Face Mask, both made with locally sourced honey from right here in the Chippewa Valley. Each of you will reveal your unique natural glow from our mask and scrub’s invigorating, smoothing formulas. After all, nothing goes together better than honey and skin. It’s a match made in heaven, trust us.

Too busy for a bath or a ladies’ spa night? Take a minute to destress from the chaos of your hectic life by simultaneously moisturizing and relaxing with our Stress Less Lotion.

Not feeling lotion? Simply take a deep breath and roll one of our Relaxer Rollers across your pulse points to let go a little. Let the blended scents of lavender and chamomile sweep you off your feet.

Here’s the bottom line, ladies: Whether you’ve got a significant other to share the day with or not, remember to love and care for your beautiful self. Always. Feel beautiful in your natural skin... with the help of Melnaturel.