Amanda Thao

Meet Amanda Thao, Melnaturel’s photography and videography intern.

This Eau Claire native is a senior majoring in Integrated Strategic Communication with an emphasis on Advertising and a minor in Multimedia Communication. It’s highly likely you’ll catch her around town shooting photos, helping out with UW-Eau Claire student government, cooking or listening to podcasts, all while rocking her stylish bangs and a killer outfit.

Amanda joined the Melnaturel team early on, and helped Mel rebrand the company by creating a new logo and crafting their brand identity.

“I think it’s definitely a unique experience to be with a company since almost its inception,” Amanda said. “It’s also helped me in a business sense -- something I think is important to understand, especially going into advertising, is to get full insight of the business.”

Currently, Amanda’s focus is more on creating product photos, videos and social media graphics.

Her Melnaturel duties directly connect with her future aspiration of becoming an art director at an advertising agency, overseeing and directing every visual aspect of an ad campaign. In many ways she feels Mel has given her the freedom to be an art director for the company, which has meant the world to Amanda.

“Mel gives me such creative freedom with her company that I’m able to do what I want and have my opinions heard,” Amanda said.

Amanda has also enjoyed using the products during her internship. Her favorite is the Facial Serum.

“It’s like liquid gold,” Amanda said. “In general, using Mel’s products is always a good experience because, first of all, I know the person who made it, and second knowing that these few ingredients can make a product that works. Ethically, it just feels better.”

Although Amanda’s time with Melnaturel is coming to a close when she graduates in May, working with the company has been a life-changing experience that wouldn't be the same without Mel and the rest of the Melnaturel team.

“Mel’s really personable, she’s always enthusiastic and receptive to every idea I bring up. She doesn't pretend to know everything and is always curious to learn more from us,” Amanda said. “I feel like Melnaturel is a family, and Mel’s like the mom. She pushes us to develop our leadership skills as well as our business skills which is really important.”